LAboratory of Mathematical Parallel Systems


    Current Projects:
    1. Modeling studies of Climate, Environment and West Nile Virus
      A multi-phase project supported by PHAC, ERA, MITACS, GeoID and NSERC
    2. Regional climate modeling:  Developing High-Resolution Probabilistic Climate Projections over Ontario.
      A project supported by  Ontario Ministry of the Environment.
    3. The cost-effectiveness of West Nile virus intervention strategies. A computer simulation model.
      Beate Sander and Huaiping Zhu
      Canadian Institutes for Health Research, Operating Grant (2014-2017).

    Projects proposed and supported by the CFI/OIT New Opportunity Funds [2005]
    1. Dynamical Disease Control and Early Warning System (EWS) for West Nile Virus in Ontario
    2. Capital Risk Management, Performance analysis and prediction in financial service industry
    3. Data mining, Machine Learning, Weighted likelihood inference




    1. eResources for Modeling Studies of West Nile Virus