LAboratory of Mathematical Parallel Systems

Lamps showcase at Research Matters Queen's Park Pop-up Research Park Event

    On Wednesday February 17th 2016, led by Professor Huaiping Zhu, Lamps members Longbin Chen, Don Yu, and partner Louise Aubin, the Manager of Environmental Health, Peel Public Health participated in the Research Matters Queen's Park Pop-up Research Park Event. This event, in the form of a reception, was an opportunity for MPPs, political staff, and senior government officials to engage with Ontario university researchers, students, and industry or community partners who are working together on research that is impacting Canadians where they live, work, and play. Zap-banners were provided by the Council of Ontario Universities (COU) for researchers to stand near viagra 200 mg dosage that reflected their research and a question to help get the conversation started between researchers, MPPs, and other guests.

    Our zap-banner displayed the question "Can we forecast the risk of West Nile virus in Ontario?" along with an image of a risk map for the GTA. Some notable guests of the event were Dave Levac the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, David Lindsay president and CEO of the COU, as well as many other MPPs and public health officials.